I seldom dream of him but when I do we are always dancing,

it is always a waltz, the old-fashioned kind

it is always light, filtered sunlight

and gardenias, and blond wooden floors.

(There is always a part of this that is for you).

Farewell David Lyndon Brown

This summer,  the world lost David Lyndon Brown, a talented poet, writer, artist, teacher, and gorgeous man. The Spinoff has published Olwyn Stewart’s great essay on David and his writing, The champion figure skater who wrote wonderful stories – Farewell to David Lyndon Brown.

‘Not only were his paintings and stories anchored in a deep appreciation of art, truth and beauty, they were also the values that informed the choice of artefacts with which he surrounded himself, which in turn left their spoor in the art he produced and the stories that he told – as the old saying goes, “you build your house and your house builds you.”’ – Olwyn Stewart, 2016

What I am working on – ‘Adventures in the Country of Death’ sequence:

Adventures in the country of death

(I use a lot of grayscale in these works)

Some of these have appeared in various issues of Brief[Read The Death of Porthos here].

Where to buy The Burnt Hotel

The Burnt Hotel is now available in shops…The Burnt Hotel *updated

Auckland: University Bookshop, and Unity Books
Wellington: Unity Books, and Vic Books
Christchurch: UBS Canterbury, and Scorpio Books
Palmerston North: Bruce McKenzie Booksellers
Masterton: Hedley Bookshop

Or order online:
Titus Books
UBS Books
Unity Books
Vic Books

Book launch – The Burnt Hotel

When: Thursday 17 September at 5pm
Where: Alleluya, Auckland
What: Publisher Titus Books launches my new book, The Burnt Hotel, along with two other new collections of poetry:Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter the Burnt Hotel Excerpts from a Natural History Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter by Stephanie Christie, and Excerpts from a Natural History by Holly Painter.
There will be introductions, readings by the authors, music by Tofu Horse, and refreshments. Readings start at 5.30. You are invited!

5pm Alleluya bar and cafe, St Kevins Arcade, Karangahape road, Auckland.


After ages of being closed, Macassey.com is finally up and running again! But this is a bit of a work in progress. Still to come: audio, photos, posters and old archives etc. If you find a broken link or anything weird (or if you have suggestions), please let me know here.

The old website

old website

What I am working on:

Alone in that city I felt its
beauty like a bruise on
me and leaving on the
train my heart moved
painfully with the train.

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