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indivisible, as if there is no passage between
the child that squatted here throwing

skeleton leaves into the eddy
and me standing braced against the black rock, staring into
the water and loving the water as if it is the water that I am like and not the stones,
those small stones shoved over one over one
another and stroked into sand in the end.

July, 2017

Multicultural OceaniaI’ve just received my copy of Poetry in Multicultural Oceania,  in which one of my poems appears, which is cool for me. This is an educational resource edited by Vaughan Rapatahana, aimed at years 6-9 and beyond. It’s packed with interesting poems and perspectives, as well as thought-provoking questions and guidance by Vaughan.

Reflecting the great diversity of cultures in the region, Poetry in Multicultural Oceania is enriched with a multitude of Aboriginal Australian, Maori, Pasifika, Asian and other voices in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. From this foundation it offers a teaching resource to develop students understanding and appreciation of poetry, with activities including vocabulary, language use and structure, reading and understanding, and evaluation.” – Essential Resources

This is what I am working on:

A vague and silent music stops. And it’s clear you’ve had your heart bro- -ken like a record

infinity, axiom of an axiom in set theory which lays down a condition that ensures that the domain of the theory contains a set with infinitely many members. 

– Thomas Mautner, Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy (London: Penguin, 2005)

CFS – Fast Fibres 4

Fast Fibres 3

Previous year’s edition ed Piet Nieuwland and Martin Porter

Call for submissions: Fast Fibres Poetry 4, from Northland.

Editors: Piet Nieuwland and Olivia Macassey.

Wanted: poets from Northland or with a connection to the area.

Please submit 3 poems and a two line bio. Deadline: Friday 16 June 2017. Submissions to fastfibres[at]

What I am working on

In this thirsting night
My bed is a boat, the cat
a smooth black anchor
stone. Adrift under
malevolent stars.

January, 2017

Brief issue 55Issue 55 of brief is appearing in mailboxes around NZ and further afield. I really loved editing this because I got to read so much great stuff. Our next call for papers is here.

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2017Look for me in: Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 3, 2017, ed Jack Ross. This is a hefty 349 pages of poetry, reviews and essays and it’s also my summer reading for this month. The guest poet is the wonderful Elizabeth Morton.

Brief journal – issue 55

New issue of the journal brief out now!

Brief issue 55

Heaps of fantastic writers: Ivy Alvarez, Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Nick Ascroft, Victor Billot, Iain Britton, Isaac Brodie, Brent Cantwell, Stephanie Christie, Mary Cresswell, Brett Cross, Makyla Curtis, William Direen, John Downie, Doc Drumheller, John Geraets, Michael Giacon, Rata Gordon, Dale Johnson, Robert Kempen, Sid Khanzode, Rosalie Liu, Caoimhe McKeogh, joshua morris, Michael Morrisey, Janet Newman, Piet Nieuwland, Andrew Maximillian Niss, Keith Nunes, Vaughan Rapatahana, Sahanika Ratnayake, Jack Ross, Lisa Samuels, Carin Smeaton, Michael Steven, Fiona Stevens, Richard Taylor, Denys Trussell, Richard von Sturmer, E Wen Wong, and Mark Young. Rewiews by Jen Crawford (Holly Painter, O. Macassey). Cover by Matt Kelly.

Brief‘s website is

December, 2016

Landfall 232December already!

What I am reading: Hera Lindsay Bird by Hera Lindsay Bird. Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie’s Americanah. My reviews of Fiona Kidman’s latest books are online here and here.

Look for me in: Takahē issue 88, and Landfall issue 232

August, 2016

Fast Fibres 3The latest call for submissions for brief is here.

What I am reading: Mike Johnson, The Angel of Compassion, and the timely, satisfying anthology Three Words: an Anthology of Aotearoa/NZ Women’s Comics ed. Rae Joyce, Sarah Laing and Indira Neville. My review of Roger Horrocks’ book The Song of the Ghost in the Machine is in the current issue of brief, and my review of Thought Horses by Rachel Bush is in the current issue of Takahē.

Look for me in: Fast Fibres 3: Poetry from Northland

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