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Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

NZ$21.95, Titus Books 2005
love in the age of mechanical reproduction

"These love poems are extremely beautiful with a solid intellectual base. Love and courtship are important, but more weighty themes address the elusiveness of being in a world where the virtual often provides a working synecdoche for bodily experience. […] In rich and beautifully chosen words, Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction offers a disquieted world of shadow, an intermediate state where reality is where you find it, not where you might feel entitled to find it."
— Brenda Allen, Takahe (Issue 56, 2005)

"“Her poetry is deeply lyrical in a manner that’s not specifically tied to the printed page and which belongs to the spoken word as much as it does to its visual representation […] Best of all, though, is the totality of the experience Macassey’s poetry offers – the complex variety and subtlety of aesthetic flavours and the sensations it allows readers to share with her.”
Alistair Paterson, Poetry NZ (Issue 29, 2004)"

"This poetry is useful; the voice treats itself with compassion, respects its responsiveness, lets in the chaotic complexity of the world, refuses a hierarchy of poetic value, and makes itself at home. This poetry details movement within what to me is a familiar psychic world, a particular contemporary subjectivity in which the self is the space between eclectic, vivid effects. This poetry is very beautiful, even as it constructs a pattern out of all-too-familiar and destabilizing worldly stimulants."
— Will Christie, Brief (issue 35
, 2007)

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