Love in the Age of Mechanical ReproductionTitus Books have released a new e-book edition of my first collection of poetry, Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction! First published in 2005, Love in the Age contains several long poems, including the performance-based poems ‘Exciting Poses’ and ‘Dance of the Seven Veils’.

At the moment you can buy a copy from the New Zealand bookseller MeBooks (NZD$5, available in epub or mobi /kindle format). More vendors TBC.

“The phrases range from details of an inner city Auckland skyline to desire to colloquialisms to the mechanics of sex, through to continental theory to myth to the perils of gendered embodiment and back to love, to wanting, missing, fullness and the mysteries of attachment. Everything is allowed in, and is kept under exquisite control. In this poetry, giving oneself over to the affect of the unknown is the key to love; the shape of the self can be seen through attention to luck’s accuracy.” – Stephanie Christie