Olivia Macassey great plate 2019

Glazed ceramic, 27 cm.

Much-loved creative arts community Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei is running its annual Great Plate fundraiser.  It’s a really amazing, fun event in which artists are invited to create or decorate a plate. The results are well worth checking out!

Plates are exhibited in the Yvonne Rust Gallery from Friday 12 July until Saturday 27 July. They are also auctioned on Trademe.
This year I have a plate in Great Plates – ceramic with a poem in glaze applied by calligraphy brush and glaze pencil.


I was alive
when the world was full
of life: a dance of animals
and plants, insects and seasons. I
remember the delicate skin of frogs
& the humming geography of bees.
I was alive when the earth was
alive.   It was so beautiful
I wish you could have
seen it.