Great Plate 2021

Great Plate 2021

Once again it’s time for the fun Quarry Arts charitable trust fundraiser that has local artists creating and auctioning plates. Looks like another fun year with to potters including Jin Ling , Greg Barron, and Marilyn Wheeler joined by artists as diverse as SallySpicer,  Matt Kelly, Aru Singh, and Neil Gaiman.

My plate, ‘Moon poem’ is a very short original poem by me, hand glazed on a ceramic plate; the plate itself was thrown by talented local potter Israel Dawson.

Opening: Thursday 29th July at the Yvonne Rust Gallery, 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei.

Listings on Trade Me start on opening night – you can bid on them here, or view them at the Yvonne Rust Gallery.

Sometimes when I think
of the moon, the moon is
thinking of you.